1 Easy Place - it's where parents go to order and pay for school lunches, register and pay for their children's sports and activities, signup for volunteer opportunities and make safe online donations for fundraising activities at their children's school.  It's where lunch administrators go to efficiently and accurately manage their lunch orders and cafeteria.  It's where event organizers go to request volunteers.  It's where fundraising organizers go to accept online donations for their fundraising activities ....  And it's all in 1 Easy Place!

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Volunteer Sign-ups Are Here!
08/26/2011  |  Latest News  |  4858
We are very excited to announce that our volunteer sign-ups module is now available!!!  How many times have you had to print off flyers to stuff in student's weekly envelopes to request volunteers for an event and hope that enough parents see it in time, call you and actually show... Read more
Contact Us
08/09/2011  |  Latest News  |  5924
Call us today at 513-286-3279 or email sales@1easyplace.com so you can find everything in 1 Easy Place!... Read more