About Us

3 kids + 6 sports + 5 days of lunches + full-time job = 1 frazzled mom!

My name is Phyllis Smith and I am the mother of 3 children in grade school.  Their school does not have a cafeteria on-site, so they cater in a hot lunch.  After receiving paper copies of the menu in their weekly envelope, I would have to fill out tickets for each child and turn them in to school with a check.  Volunteers would sort and total the orders and then place the order with the caterer.  The tickets were returned to me to put in their lunch bags each day that they had ordered.  This was a time-consuming process for me as a parent and for the volunteers who had to sort and count everything.  After listening to me complain for a couple of years, my husband decided to do something about it.  He worked with the lunch coordinators and together they developed an online system where the lunch coordinators post the menu and I place my order and pay for the lunches using a credit card.  No more paper tickets to be misplaced and checks – YEAH!  The process is easier for the lunch coordinators and PTO volunteers because their manual processes have been replaced.  It is also easier for the teachers because there are no more misplaced lunch tickets.

We started to wonder if we could use the same concept for another manual process – sports sign-ups and registrations.  Instead of filling out the registration forms and showing up in person with my check, we worked with the Boosters to add on to the lunch program.  The new system tells me what sports they are able to sign-up for, and allows me to complete the paperwork online and pay using a credit card.  This has saved the sports coordinators a lot of time and has increased participation because the parents are able to register their children at a time that is convenient for them.

Several friends told us that the product has made their lives easier and we should see if we could help parents in other schools.  We have added a way to allow coordinators to request volunteers to assist with various activities and fund raisers.  We are continuing to look for ideas to add to the program so that it’s all in 1 Easy Place!