School Lunches

1 Easy Place provides a customizable system that simplifies the lunch process.



Parents are able to log into the secure website.  From there, they can see the lunch menu for each day and select what they want to order for each child.  The payment system works like a bank account.  The parent deposits money into the account using credit cards or checks and orders are subtracted from the account.  Deposits are made for the family, so the parents don't have to worry about balancing the deposits between children.  The parents can print a report that shows by day or by child what has been ordered.



The teachers are able to print a report for their classroom to show who has ordered lunch for the day.


Lunch Administrators

The lunch administrators set up the menu items and prices in the system.  They drag and drop to select the menus for each day.   They are able to produce reports to show exactly what needs to be ordered.  There is no more guesswork from incomplete or illegible forms.


Cafeteria Workers/Volunteers

The cafeteria workers/volunteers have a report that shows what students ordered what menu items.  There is no confusion with lost or misplaced tickets or tokens.  There is no need to handle money because the parents have already paid for the lunches.



In these economic times with more parents working, 1 Easy Place reduces the burden on volunteers to manage and process the paperwork.  Allowing the parents to pay via credit card reduces the costs of handling checks.  Funds are deposited into your school's account, giving you immediate access to the funds.  1 Easy Place can easily be customized to fit your processes.